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Yes, It Exists: Adventuretime Doc Martens

Adventure Time Doc Martins
All Photos By Gail

Do you like Adventuretime? I sure do. In fact, I fucking love it! If you feel similar love for Finn, Jake and all of their friends in the Land of Ooo, then you might also want to own these rad Doc Martens with likenesses of all of the Adventuretime characters you adore right on them! Holy shit! Continue reading Yes, It Exists: Adventuretime Doc Martens

Bacon Thing of The Day: Adventuretime Bacon Pancakes T-Shirt!

Jake Bacon Pancakes

Adventuretime fans know that Jake the Dog loves his Bacon Pancakes! Get this fantastic design, by Droidloot, on a variety of T-Shirt styles including ladies, long sleeved, and even a dog t-shirt (!), plus hoodies and more, starting at just $19.95, at This Link!