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Bacon Thing of The Day: Godshall’s Uncured Turkey Bacon!

Front of Bacon Package
All Photos By Gail

I think you will all agree that it has been far too long since we have featured a quality Bacon Thing of the Day post on this here Rad Blog, but that dry spell has officially come to end! I recently received a shipment of Godshall’s Uncured Turkey Bacon to review for The Gig, and, trust me, it was worth waiting for. Fans who love the delicious, smoked taste and versatility of Bacon, but would prefer to avoid the greasy mess and clean up — not to mention the time it takes to fry it up to crispy perfection — are going to want to check this out!

Back of Bacon Package

Godshall’s Uncured Turkey Bacon is the same real meat, with the real wood smoked Turkey Bacon taste, but with no nitrates or nitrites! It is gluten free with no MSG, and 50% less fat than USDA data for Pork Bacon. And since this Turkey Bacon it is already fully cooked, it can be heated up and ready to eat in just a few seconds.

Bacon and Package

Out of the wrapper, the Bacon looks very much like a piece of high quality meat  jerky, but it remains tender to the bite.

Bacon in the Package

The meat is not greasy to the touch and warms quickly earth in the microwave, or  in a skillet on the stove top, which is what I did, since I do not own a microwave.

Bacon in the Pan

As you can see, the Godshall’s Turkey Bacon has no fat on it, so this bacon will not become crisp like regular pork bacon. It only needs about 25 seconds on each side to warm, so be careful not to over cook it, because that can lead to toughness.

Bacon and Egg Breakfast

Here is what my finished Bacon and Egg breakfast looked like! Except for the absence of crispness, the Bacon-taste of Godshall’s Turkey Bacon is going to please any bacon lover.

Serving Suggestion

If you can make decent pancakes, here is another serving suggestion for this tasty bacon. I have also used Godshall’s Turkey Bacon in a cheese and bacon omelet, and in an easy Pasta Carbonara, both with excellent results!

Pasta Carbonara

With a bit of culinary creativity, I am sure you could use Godshall’s Uncured Turkey Bacon as a substitute for pork bacon in many recipes! Find out more about Godshall’s fine meat products at This Link!

Bacon Thing of The Day: Adventure Time Bacon Pancakes T-Shirt!

Jake Bacon Pancakes

Adventure Time fans know that Jake the Dog loves his Bacon Pancakes! Get this fantastic design, by Droidloot, on a variety of T-Shirt styles including ladies, long sleeved, and even a dog t-shirt (!), plus hoodies and more, starting at just $19.95, at This Link!

Dorian Grey Gallery Presents Walter Robinson, Indulgences

Walter Robinson Indulgences Exhibit Signage
All Photos by Gail

Dorian Grey Gallery in the East Village hosted an informal brunch today to promote its current exhibit, Indulgences, works on paper and recent paintings by New York artist Walter Robinson. As you might infer from the show’s title, Indulgences includes paintings of sweets and fast food favorites, pharmaceuticals and alcohol. The show also includes a selection of celebrity portraits, nudes and romance novel covers, but I didn’t feel compelled to shoot pictures of any of that stuff, so, you know, just go to the gallery and check it out.

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Bacon Thing of The Day: Bacon Breakfast Princess

Bacon Breakfast Fairy
Image Source

Bacon never looked so stylish! In this photo, you can see that the Breakfast Princess has on a rocking outfit, representing all of your favorite breakfast foods, including Eggs (Face, Hair, Shoes), Buttered Toast (Blouse), Pancakes (Skirt) and, most importantly, Bacon (Hair Ribbons and Belt)! And look how friendly she seems! I am so hungry now.

Pera Soho Offers an Elegant Sunday Brunch Experience

Pera Soho Signage Gold
All Photos By Gail

There is a saying that “God is in the details.” Manhattanites can certainly find tasty Sunday brunch specials in any neighborhood on the island, but if you’re looking for delicious food that’s enhanced by subtle details such as fresh flowers on the table, a cup of coffee that includes your own individual French press, or a chill music mix of flamenco and Bossa Nova to soundtrack your meal, then Pera, on Thompson Street in Soho, is a destination to add to your list.

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Downtown IHOP Opens on 14th Street!

Image Source

East Villagers rejoice: the first ever downtown location of the International House of Pancakes (aka The IHOP) has finally opened as of last weekend. I made my maiden voyage to the hallowed House of Pancakes earlier today, accompanied by friends Nadia and Mark, who, like me, are serious pancake lovers. We arrived at about 10:45 AM and were advised there would be about a 20 minute wait for a table. Not bad, considering the inside waiting area was packed, with more hungry people congregated on the street out front like it was “Occupy Wall Street” or something. But we found a space to wait comfortably, perched on the generous-sized brick lip of the front windows, as we passed time jabbering excitedly while intently studying the “Carry- out” menus we had snatched from the front counter so we could plan out what we might want to eat in advance of being seated. Multi-tasking! As promised, in 20 minutes we were inside and seated in the quieter, rear area of the restaurant at a spacious booth! Score!

Breakfast Sampler: I Ate It

Seriously, there is almost too much stuff on this menu — it goes on for pages and pages — so they don’t make it easy to decide. Menu highlights include: Stuffed French Toast Combo ($8.49), Bacon Temptation Omelette ($11.49), and a variety of combo platters that include any number of the following: eggs, bacon and/or sausage and/or ham, hash brown and pancakes (priced in the range of $9 – 10) so you can pretty much tailor make your breakfast to your specific cravings and degree of hunger. Both Mark and I decided on the Breakfast Sampler ($9.99): 2 Eggs, 2 Bacon Strips, 2 Link Sausage, 2 Pieces of Ham, Hash Browns and 2 Fluffy Buttermilk Pancakes — which we customized by swapping out the buttermilk pancakes for “fancy pancakes” for an up-charge of $2.00 (my choice: Chocolate Chip Pancakes; Mark’s Choice: Apple Cinnamon Pancakes). Nadia, being a tiny person and less of a chow hound, chose the simple Double Blueberry Pancakes ($7.99) with side of Bacon. A carafe of unlimited hot coffee for the table is $1.99 per person.

Chocolate Chip Pancakes, So Good!

Service was a little on the slow side, but we cut our server (Joyce) some serious slack because it was just nuts in there, plus she was extra nice and extra careful to get our order correct. Everything was delicious, well-prepared and it tasted like you want IHOP food to taste! When I go again though — which I will! — I will just get regular pancakes, because adding the sweetness of Chocolate Chip Pancakes to Eggs and Sausage covered with ketchup was a little overboard, even for me.

There are full menus for seniors (+55 — just five more years until I qualify!) and kids (12 and under). If you are one of those killjoys who insists on eating egg white omelettes (note: this is how IHOP chooses to spell Omelet) and healthy crap like that, be assured that IHOP offers menu options for you under the “Simple & Fit” section. As we departed from a successful Breakfast Adventure, close to 12 Noon, we overheard the hostess say that the wait was now around 45 minutes, so the earlier you get there, the better!

The IHOP is located at 235 East 14th Street (between 2nd and 3rd Avenues on the North Side of the Block). Open 24 Hours! Phone 212-388-1499

Star Wars™ Pancake Molds!

If you like Pancakes and Star Wars characters, then you will probably lose your mind over these adorable Star Wars Pancake Molds which will make your delicious pancakes look like Darth Vader, Yoda or a Stormtrooper. I am not much for the Star Wars but even I have to admit that they are so cute, I can barely live. Be sure to add a few slices of crispy bacon on the side, and let the force of breakfast be with you. Available from Williams Sonoma, for just $19.95 / set of 3.

Thanks to Alan Dicker for the Tip!