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Worleygig.com Represents for SkullsandBacon.com at the Great Big Bacon Picnic, 2015!

Bacon 4U License Plate

On Sunday, May 17th I attended the first annual Great Big Bacon Picnic, held out at the old Pfizer building in Williamsburg, where I ate Bacon until I wished to seen no more Bacon. It was a crazy fun time! My full report of the event complete with tons of pictures, is up now at Skulls and Bacon. Please check it out and feel free to re-post and tweet the link to all of your Bacon Loving Friends!

Stuffed Pig with My First Bacon

Skulls & Bacon Blog Logo Shirt Worn By Contestant on Top Chef!

Skulls & Bacon  Logo T-Shirt

This is so exciting. Last night I had dinner with my friend Lisa, who writes the awesome blog, Skulls & Bacon. Lisa had a bit of amazing news to share, which is that her website’s very unique and cool logo T Shirt– a skull with bacon crossbones – was actually worn on camera by Top Chef Contestant, Andrea Curto-Randazzo in last week’s show! You can read Lisa’s own blog entry about this surprise event at this link. While Curto-Randazzo was eliminated from the competition last week, she can be seen wearing her Skulls & Bacon shirt in several scenes, including one where the ‘Cheftestants’ are shopping in Whole Foods.

Now, I watch Top Chef every week, but I must have nodded out for the 30 seconds or so that the shirt was seen on TV, because I totally missed it (note to self: watch re-run of last week’s episode tonight). Lisa reports that even though the blog’s name and URL were not seen on the shirt, sales of her shirts are way up this week because people are using the Google to find out where to buy that awesome shirt. Skulls & Bacon! In case you are now wanting to be hip and own a Skulls & Bacon Logo shirt yourself, they are available in a variety of happening styles at This Link.

Andrea Curto-Randazzio Rocks the Skulls & Bacon Logo T-Shirt!