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Which are The Top 15 IT Certifications Resources?

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As a good teacher creates excellent students, similarly a good technical training institute can create excellent professionals. In order to become an excellent professional, you have to choose such technical training institute or vendor which may guide you in going through your exams for obtaining a certification. As there are large number of vendors currently working to develop courses and trainings for students and professionals, it is very important to choose among these vendors so that you may succeed in your purpose of getting certified in a technical field.

A good vendor must have experience of developing the right exam and training material for your certification. It should also provide some practice material in order to test your skills and knowledge before going for the exam so that you can get an estimate of your exam preparation. It should also make you expert in some specific skills related to the technical certification you are pursuing so that you can get satisfied with the certification. In order to select such vendor, we have listed top rated vendors of market in the following section where you can find all types of vendors related to the current technical fields of information technology and computer science. You find this list very helpful for your vendor selection.
Following list provides top 15 vendors of IT exams and certification in 2014:

1. Microsoft.com

Microsoft is an old software providing company famous for its software development tool. You can learn these software development tools using the certification of Microsoft systems. For that purpose you have to prepare for the exam of certification provided by Microsoft.

2. Cisco.com

Cisco is known as standard organization providing certification of network systems and communication. In order to acquire such certifications, you have to pass the relevant exams provided by cisco systems.

3. VMware.com

VMware is providing virtualization tools and have made virtual networking quite easy for the modern systems from past many years. Virtual machine dealing skills can be obtained using the certification of VMware systems and passing their exams of relevant certification.

4. Test-King.com

Test king provides exam preparation guidance to student and professionals using its series of helping materials in the relevant exams for some specific certifications. You can pass these exams easily using the material of Test king systems.

5. Comptia.org

CompTIA is famous for providing IT industry products and services. You can get the skills of these IT products using the certification systems of CompTIA and can pass the exam using their guidance material.

6. Oracle.com

Oracle provides database storage and cloud computing services to the world and carry large number of customers in IT industry. You can get the skills of data management and big data analytics.

7. Citrix.com

Citrix Systems is providing desktop and server applications in the field of computer science and IT. You can acquire the skills required for desktop applications development using the services and resource of Citrix Systems.

8. Avaya.com

Avaya is proving communication systems world-wide and contain a large number of customers. You can learn the skills of communication systems and networks of Avaya using certifications provided by Avaya systems.

9. Braindumps.com

Brain dumps provides you dumps and practice questions and answers in order to complete your preparation for the exams. Using the guidance material of Brain Dumps, you can get good results in the exam of certification. You can get help in the exams like 640-461 or 642-902 with Cisco Dumps in order to pass the relevant certification of these exams.

10. IBM.com

IBM is an old organization which has greatly contributed in the evolution of computer science and IT industry from the starting years. IBM is providing certification in order to get sufficient skills in IT exams using its wide certification systems.

11. CPPInstitute.org

C++ is known as a basic development language in the computer science is considered as the mother of high level languages. You can acquire sufficient skills in C++ language using the system of C++ institute in order to pass different exams relevant to your interest and desires.

12. Pass4sure.co.uk

If you want to get successful in an exam required for certification of a field in computer networks and communication, pass4sure is the best system that will suit you in order to make you go through the exam.

13. SAP.com

SAP is providing software and services solution to the world from past many years. It has also initiated a certification program in order to cope with the needs of students and professionals for the industry of IT software and solutions.

14. CWNP.com

CWNP is a communication system provider giving services for wireless communication systems from many years. In order to get the skills related to computer networks and communication you can get certification of CWNP.

15. HP.com

Hewlett Packard is competitor of world’s common computer hardware providers and have renowned services for certification in the field of computer hardware devices.”>

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Top Ten Geek Business Myths

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This completely hilarious and beyond brilliant list is brought to you courtesy of Rondom Ramblings (not a typo) and my good friend and fellow Mac lover, Eolake. Enjoy and Happy Friday!

Top Ten Geek Business Myths

Since I’ve started my new career as a venture capitalist I have become keenly aware of some of the classic mistakes that geeks make when trying to raise money for a new business. Instead of writing the same comments over and over again I thought I’d try to summarize some of the mistakes that people — especially smart people — make when they decide to try to turn their bright ideas into money. Here then is my top-ten list of geek business myths:

Myth #1: A brilliant idea will make you rich.

Reality: A brilliant idea is neither necessary nor sufficient for a successful business, although all else being equal it can’t hurt. Microsoft is probably the canonical example of a successful business, and it has never had a single brilliant idea in its entire history. (To the contrary, Microsoft has achieved success largely by seeking out and destroying other people’s brilliant ideas.) Google was based on a couple of brilliant ideas (Page rank, text-only ads, massive parallel implementation on cheap hardware) but none of those ideas were original with Larry or Sergey. This is not to say that Larry, Sergey and Bill are not bright guys — all three of them are sharper than I can ever hope to be. But the idea that any of them woke up one day with an inspiration and coasted the rest of the way to riches is a myth.

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