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Which are The Top 15 IT Certifications Resources?

Books and Mouse
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As a good teacher creates excellent students, similarly a good technical training institute can create excellent professionals. In order to become an excellent professional, you have to choose such technical training institute or vendor which may guide you in going through your exams for obtaining a certification. As there are large number of vendors currently working to develop courses and trainings for students and professionals, it is very important to choose among these vendors so that you may succeed in your purpose of getting certified in a technical field. Continue reading Which are The Top 15 IT Certifications Resources?

RIP Paul the Psychic Octopus

paul the octopus
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 Paul the Psychic Octopus is now sleeping with the fishes at the tender age of 2. “Management and staff at the Oberhausen Sea Life Centre were devastated to discover that oracle octopus Paul, who achieved global renown during the recent World Cup, had passed away overnight,” the aquarium in Germany says in a statement released Tuesday, October 26th, 2010. Continue reading RIP Paul the Psychic Octopus