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Pink Thing of The Day: Assorted Pink High Heeled Shoes

I never learned how to stand or walk in heels this high, and that is just a shame, because if I thought I could wear any of these gorgeous pink shoes and not break an ankle immediately, I would buy the whole lot!

Pink Thing of The Day: Pink Barbie Shoes!

I am not a shoe person, but this image of a cluster of tiny Barbie Shoes in many assorted shades of Pink is so breathtaking I would like to frame it and hang it up in the Chickpad. *Sigh.* The Pinkness.

Pink Thing of The Day: Pink Oxford Shoes

Image Source

You can never have too many pairs of Pink Shoes, amiright?

Pink Thing of the Day: Pink Platform Shoes

Fuckin’ Pink Shoes, Man!

Geoffrey’s Dream


“So, I had this strange dream that we were at some art installation and they were showing a Louise Bourgeois piece and then they brought her out in a wheel chair.

After the thing, you disappeared and I was looking for you because you had my camera and I wanted a photo op with Louise. She had on these pink clogs that were like elevator shoes… somehow, I put them on and then I saw you in the distance in a parking lot. I said to Louise that I’d be right back. I was calling your name but you didn’t hear me, and I was running through the parking lot screaming your name. Louise was then chasing after me in her wheel chair trying to get her shoes back, I really wish there were services from the Lifestyle Home Lift every where she goes, that way she wouldn’t struggle that much.

And then I woke up.”