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Pink Thing of The Day: Abandoned Baby Carrier

abandoned baby car seat photo by gail worley
All Photos By Gail

I suppose it could have been worse: whoever this delightful Pink Polka Dot Baby Carrier belonged to could have put it in their vehicle, and driven away without their baby!

abandoned baby car seat photo by gail worley

Another possibility is that the owner had purchased a new carrier for their baby, and thus left this one out on the planter’s edge for someone else to pick up. But in this Covid-contaminated world, who would feel safe doing that?

abandoned baby car seat photo by gail

Answer: no one.

Yayoi Kusama’s Painted Player Piano and Bench, and Other Variations

Yayoi Kusama Player Piano
Photos By Gail

The coolest thing about living close to the NYC contemporary art scene is that you just never know what kind of unique event will pop up on your agenda. Last evening, literary journal The American Reader and the Robert Miller Gallery hosted a presentation of Robert Coover’s short story The Goldilocks Variations, which was read between musical selections from Johann Sebastian Bach’s Goldberg Variations. It was as interesting as you can imagine.

Coover’s reimagined narrative expands on the most potentially menacing aspect of the Goldilocks and The Three Bears legend. While in most versions of the story, Goldilocks escapes to freedom once discovered by The Three Bears, Coover’s narrative focuses keenly on the creative ways in which The Bears delight in physically torturing their delicate prey prior to devouring her – perhaps a bit grim(m), but highly engaging nevertheless! Bach’s gorgeous music (originally intended for the harpsichord) was performed on Yayoi Kusama’s 1971 Painted Player Piano and Piano Bench, painted bright red and emblazoned with hearts and Kusama’s ubiquitous polka-dotted motif. Art!

Yayoi Kusama Player Piano 2

Polka Dot House

Polka Dot House
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When I look at this home’s splendid Polka Dot paint job, what comes to mind is the question, “Does Damien Hirst Live There?”

Thanks to Web Urbanist For The Tip!