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Eye On Design: Egidio’s Pastry Shop Gingerbread Display

egidio pastry shop gingerbread scene photo by gail worley
All Photos By Gail

As a fun and innovative way to celebrate the 2022 Holiday Season, the Museum of the City of New York invited top bakeries and amateur bakers from across the city to enter Gingerbread New York City: the Great Burrough Bake-Off – the museum’s first-ever holiday event aimed at honoring the communities in each of the five boroughs. Select bakers created their own unique gingerbread display to represent their respective neighborhoods, inspired by the theme Winter in New York. A group of prominent New York City-based bakers, curators, and restaurant owners judged the final designs.

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Buying a Home in Spokane? Here’s What To Expect 

sun piercing of brown concrete house near sea
Photo by Alex Staudinger on Pexels.com

Spokane, Washington is considered one of the hottest real estate markets in the country, and home prices in the city’s real estate market are expected to rise steadily in the coming years. Considering this speculation, the demand for homes in the city is rising each day. Many Spokane homebuyers are constantly checking the best properties around them. They’re also enlisting credible real estate agents to help them gather leads on the best homes that fall within their budgets while meeting all their requirements for a dream home.

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How’s Your Summer Going?

Yesterday I made my first trip in years to Governors Island to check out the art galleries they have installed inside each room of the turn-of-the-century Colonial Revival houses that formerly were occupied by military families. Both the art and the houses themselves were mind blowing! Sponsored by NADA House (New Art Dealer’s Alliance) the exhibits end today (8/1) so if you’re interest in seeing them you need to make your plan now. Visit This Link for all the info! Be sure to follow me on Instagram @Worleygigdotcom to stay informed on all my rad goings-on around the town!

Graffiti House, Venice Beach, California

Graffiti Houses, Venice Beach
Photos By Gail

This colorful Graffiti Covered building, Located at 815 Ocean Front Walk in Venice Beach, California, and visible from the boardwalk, is home to Bear Trap Studio. It is also known as the Bear Trap House. The artwork is by Street Artist Mario E.

Graffiti House, Venice Beach

Polka Dot House

Polka Dot House
Image Credit

When I look at this home’s splendid Polka Dot paint job, what comes to mind is the question, “Does Damien Hirst Live There?”

Thanks to Web Urbanist For The Tip!