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Barack Obama Action Figures

Jailbreak Toys has announced a pair of new variants of their Obama Action Figure. The HOPE Edition, designed by Nelson Asencio, is a tribute to Shepard Fairey’s iconic poster, and the Inaugural Edition was designed by Jailbreak’s own J*Rock as a way to celebrate what’s about to become the biggest Inauguration Party of all time. Set to be released on January 12th, 2009, each figure will be part of a numbered limited edition of 3,000 pieces.

Thanks to Plastic and Plush for the Tip!

“Obama Said Knock You Out”

I had to do it.

Vote for "That One"

Wow, didn’t John McCain give the shoddiest, most shamefully embarrassing of all performances at the debate the other night? Doddering around the stage like Skeletor, using that “Drinking Game Worthy” buzz-phrase “My Friends” ad nauseum, avoiding addressing any issue, referring to Barack Obama as “That one” and even refusing to shake Obama’s hand at the end of the debate. What a total low class douche bag. The funny thing is how the Obama campaign and supporters have already put a spin on McCain’s disrespectful insult by creating “I’m voting For That One” T-Shirts and stickers. Way to run with it! That One 08!!!

Help Elect President Obama!

Our Next President!!

To increase the enthusiasm and support for the election of Senator Barrack Obama as our next President, Move On Dot Org will send a free Obama button to anyone who clicks this link. Apparently the response to this offer has been so overwhelming that it takes about 6 weeks to get the button, so be sure to sign up for yours today! Obama ’08!

Obama ’08

Hi President Obama!

This is all I’m about until after the November election.

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