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Judith Supine Presents Golden Child; Reveals True Identity, Kind Of

Judith Supine Door Image
Judith Supine Art from the Door of Mecka Gallery. (All Photos By Gail)

The bright pink and neon green-painted wheat paste collages and sculptures of street artist Judith Supine are well known to street art aficionados, but Supine’s work has also infiltrated the galleries. Using his mother’s name as his artist persona, Judith had kept his face hidden and true identity a secret until last week, when a Video shot by Animal NY went viral on Arrested Motion and other various art blogs, in which Judith, who is an extremely handsome man, gave a candid and liberally swear word-peppered interview about his life and art.

All this was in anticipation of last Saturday’s opening of Supine’s latest exhibit, Golden Child, at Mecka Gallery, located way the hell out in an industrial area of Brooklyn, where Manhattanites fear to tread.

At this event, it was promised, the mysterious Judith Supine would openly show his face in public for the first time. Despite monsoon-esque weather conditions and travel directions that necessitated the use of a map, Geoffrey and I put on our Big Girl Panties and headed out.

Judith Supine Twins Sculpture

Judith creates his art starting with images culled from discarded magazines, which he then pieces together to create what I call “familiar mutants”: creatures that are part human and part inanimate objects. Undeniably the focal point of the evening, the imposing Twins sculpture in the photo above hangs from a ceiling beam in the center of the Mecka Gallery space with the remainder of the Golden Child exhibit hidden in a tiny back room (the doorway to which can also be seen in the above photo) that we originally mistook for a store room or “back stage” area before summoning the nads to finally check it out. Here’s what we found inside.

Judith Supine Back Room

Judith Supine Patron

Judith Supine Cigarettes

Judith Supine Back Room

Judith seems to favor integrating images of cigarettes and alcohol into his works. Discuss.

Judith Supine Print
Does this look like Miley Cyrus to you?

This Limited Edition Print of the same Image seen on the gallery door was On Sale for $150 at the opening.

Geoffrey mentioned he thought somebody told him Judith’s real name might be “Brent” or something, but who knows.

Likewise, no one seems to be able to confirm whether Golden Child was a one-night-only affair or if the art is on display at Mecka for a few weeks, and you won’t find out by looking at their Website. It’s worth checking out though, if you’re up for an adventure!

Mecka Gallery is located at 65 Meadow Street between Bogart St. and Morgan Ave. in Brooklyn, NY 11206.

Secret Identity of Paul McCartney’s “Marry Me Girl” Revealed!

Marry Me Paul Sign
Photo Courtesy of Jamie Moroni

Any New Yorker who hasn’t been in a coma or hiding in a cave for the past few weeks should be aware that Paul McCartney is in town doing a run of shows at the Citi Field (formerly Shea) Stadium. The first show was on Friday July 17th, with another performance on Saturday the 18th and the final show tonight, July 21st. My friend Jamie is a huge Beatles fanatic (with a truly one-of-a-kind story about the time she met George Harrison) who bought tickets to all three shows. Yesterday, I was getting ready for work, listening to Jim & Shelly on the classic rock station (104.3), where of course they are talking about Paul McCartney at Citi Field pretty much all the time. Shortly after 7:00 AM, DJ Jim Kerr mentioned seeing a woman at Saturday night’s show, holding up a large sign that said, “Marry Me Paul.” This was captured on the Jumbo Tron for everyone to see, and was notable because evidently McCartney personally addressed the woman holding the sign with a polite “No” response. The crowd reportedly went wild from this exchange and sign-holding-woman got her 15 seconds of fame. Win-Win!

The most hilarious part of this story is that the woman turns out to be Jamie! A video of Jamie holding up her sign has been posted on You Tube at this link, and Jamie is currently making the rounds on morning drive radio talking about her brush with fame. This morning she was interviewed by DJ Matt Pinfield. One thing leads to another, and all that.

Here are a few words from Jamie about the experience: “At Citi Field on Saturday, July 18th, I held up a sign that said “Marry Me Paul.” This incredible moment has been getting a lot of buzz on the Internet, including a YouTube post. I had a feeling that Paul was going to say something to me, because as soon as he saw the poster he waved his finger back and forth like “no, no, no.” I never imagined that it would have played out the way it did. Paul has such comedic timing that it sent the crowd wild! Friends of mine (aka me) told me that they even heard DJs talking about it on the radio. They are now calling me the ‘Marry Me Girl’!”

Congratulations, Jamie: Dreams really do come true!