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Instagram Photo of The Week: Gail and Jamie Attend an SNL Taping!

My awesome friend Jamie won tickets for the taping of last night’s Saturday Night Live with host Rami Malek, and she was kind enough to bring along for the ride. Here we are in NBC’s Peacock Lounge where they hold everyone captive and feed them sodas for two hours before the show. It was a fun time!

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Pink Thing of The Day: Pink Pig Watering Can

Pink Pig Watering Can
All Photos By Jamie Moroni

You are probably not surprised to hear me admit that my friends are always sending me photos of pink things, from every walk of life imaginable, to include in a Pink Thing of The Day post. This kind gesture is always inspiring, and it is very much appreciated that they think of me when they see a Pink Thing. But very often, that same thing has already been on the blog. And in other cases, I politely decline to write a post bout that pink thing, because I like to feature Pink Things which I actually see and photograph while I am out having an ass-kicking life. I feel that this keeps the blog more ‘authentic.’

Pink Pig Watering Can

But then Jamie mentioned to me that she owned Pink Pig Watering Can, so I just had to see it. I am sure you will agree that it is very deserving of  the title of Pink Thing of The Day!

Pink Pig Watering Can


Pink Thing of The Day: Pink Wrist Splint

Pink Arm Splint
Photo By Jamie Moroni

I know that my friend Jamie is a great and true friend, because she always thinks of me whenever she sees anything Pink, or anything made with Bacon. This girl knows me well. Recently, Jamie’s Mom had the misfortune to break her wrist and, being the good daughter that she is, Jamie was there to deliver her to the hospital and then back home again. And of course Jamie could not resist sending me a photo of her Mom’s very fashionable Wrist Splint, which, as you can, see is a glorious Hot Pink. Heal now, Jamie’s Mom!

Craig Ferguson at Radio City Music Hall

Radio City Craig Ferguson Marquee
All Photos By Jamie Moroni

I love comedian Craig Ferguson as the host of CBS’s The Late Late Show, but can rarely stay up late enough to watch it, so I was excited to have the chance to see Craig do Stand up at NYC’s best performance venue, Radio City Music Hall. Ferguson is so off the wall and charming, so I suspected he would put on a pretty good show, and I was not disappointed.
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Secret Identity of Paul McCartney’s “Marry Me Girl” Revealed!

Marry Me Paul Sign
Photo Courtesy of Jamie Moroni

Any New Yorker who hasn’t been in a coma or hiding in a cave for the past few weeks should be aware that Paul McCartney is in town doing a run of shows at the Citi Field (formerly Shea) Stadium. The first show was on Friday July 17th, with another performance on Saturday the 18th and the final show tonight, July 21st. My friend Jamie is a huge Beatles fanatic (with a truly one-of-a-kind story about the time she met George Harrison) who bought tickets to all three shows. Yesterday, I was getting ready for work, listening to Jim & Shelly on the classic rock station (104.3), where of course they are talking about Paul McCartney at Citi Field pretty much all the time. Shortly after 7:00 AM, DJ Jim Kerr mentioned seeing a woman at Saturday night’s show, holding up a large sign that said, “Marry Me Paul.” This was captured on the Jumbo Tron for everyone to see, and was notable because evidently McCartney personally addressed the woman holding the sign with a polite “No” response. The crowd reportedly went wild from this exchange and sign-holding-woman got her 15 seconds of fame. Win-Win!

The most hilarious part of this story is that the woman turns out to be Jamie! A video of Jamie holding up her sign has been posted on You Tube at this link, and Jamie is currently making the rounds on morning drive radio talking about her brush with fame. This morning she was interviewed by DJ Matt Pinfield. One thing leads to another, and all that.

Here are a few words from Jamie about the experience: “At Citi Field on Saturday, July 18th, I held up a sign that said “Marry Me Paul.” This incredible moment has been getting a lot of buzz on the Internet, including a YouTube post. I had a feeling that Paul was going to say something to me, because as soon as he saw the poster he waved his finger back and forth like “no, no, no.” I never imagined that it would have played out the way it did. Paul has such comedic timing that it sent the crowd wild! Friends of mine (aka me) told me that they even heard DJs talking about it on the radio. They are now calling me the ‘Marry Me Girl’!”

Congratulations, Jamie: Dreams really do come true!