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RIP Comedian Tom Davis

Al Franken and Tom Davis 1978
Al Franken & Tom Davis in 1978 (Image Source)

I was at sea on Thursday (July 19th, 2012) when comedian and writer Tom Davis passed away from cancer, so I am just getting around to posting about this now. Davis was one of the first writers for Saturday Night Live and half of the comedic duo Franken and Davis, with partner Al Franken (now a Democratic Senator from Minnesota). Along with Franken, Davis was responsible for creating enduring SNL characters such as alien family The Coneheads and Irwin Mainway, whose toy company marketed the Halloween costume “Invisible Pedestrian” (an all black suit of clothes) under the disclaimer “Not for Blind Kids.” Davis also wrote the hilarious skit where Julia Child (Dan Aykroyd, in a spot on performance) accidentally cuts herself and bleeds to death on Live TV after discovering that the phone installed on the set kitchen is just a prop. Tom Davis was 59 years old.

Al Franken Emerges Victorious, Impersonates Mick Jagger

After an arduous recount procedure, it looks like Democrat Al Franken will finally be declared the winner of the tight U.S. Senate contest in Minnesota, thank god. Some of you youngsters out there might not know that Franken is also a well-known satirist who wrote for and starred on NBC’s Saturday Night Live back in the eighties (“The Al Franken Decade”). To celebrate Al’s exciting victory, here’s a hilarious clip from the TV show Solid Gold of Franken and his comedic partner, Tom Davis, performing The Rolling Stones’ “Under My Thumb” as Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, respectively.

Thanks to Boing Boing for the tip!