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Happy 66th Birthday, Alice Cooper Drummer Neal Smith!

Neal Drums Sepia Tone

I can’t let my good friend Neal’s Birthday slip by without giving him a shout out on the blog! Born on September 23rd, 1947, Neal turns Sixty-Six Years old today and still looks fantastic! Rock On Neal, and have a Billion Dollar Birthday!

Alice Cooper B$B Cake

Happy 65th Birthday, Neal Smith!

Gail and Neal at Don Hills
Me and Neal in 2002, Don Hill’s Night Club

Drummer and R&R Hall of Fame Inductee Neal Smith, of the original band called Alice Cooper, celebrates 65 year on the planet today, September 23rd. Happy Birthday Neal, you are the best!

Happy Birthday, Neal Smith!

Neal Mirrored Kit
Neal’s Billion Dollar Babies-era Mirrored Kit  

Neal Smith, drummer for the band Alice Cooper celebrates his Birthday today, having been born on September 23rd in 1947. Happy Birthday Neal, I love you to death!

Happy 61st Birthday, Neal Smith!

Dennis, Glen, Michael, Alice and Neal = Alice Cooper

My close friend Neal Smith, drummer of the original band called Alice Cooper, turns 61 today (9/23). Happy Birthday, Neal!!


Happy Gay Pride Weekend!

Not Gay But Supportive

In celebration of Gay Pride Weekend, please enjoy my article on openly gay country singers, Gay, Proud & Country, which was the cover story for The Nashville Scene during the week of September 23, 2003!