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1,305 Millas / 1,305 Miles, Part 1: Atemporal at Magnan Metz Gallery

Gallery View
All Photos by Gail

I wonder if Magnan Metz Gallery appreciates how much they benefit from people who just happen to walk by and are drawn into the gallery because of what they can see from the sidewalk through its huge picture window that looks out on to 26th Street. I think that the past three times I’ve written about one of their exhibits (this one included) it’s been because something cool caught my eye from the street and I went inside to check it out.

José Angél Vincench Cambio
Cambio by José Angél Vincench

1,305 Millas: Atemporal / 1,305 Miles, Part 1: Atemporal is a group show of work by Hispanic/Latin artists, curated by Solveig Font includes contributions by Alexandre Arrechea, Roberto Diago, Glenda León, Carlos Quintana, Julio Cesar Llópiz, Adrian Fernandez, Adriana Arronte, Jose Angel Vincench, and Reynier Leyva Novo. The pieces range from sculpture to installation, paintings and prints and it is quite diverse.

Adriana Arronte
Adriana Arronte’s Historia (Intervención Sobre Platos Antiguos)/ History (Intervention on Ancient Dishes)

Lotus Dish
Detail from the Above

I couldn’t find any information or press release about this show on the gallery’s website, but there is some interesting stuff to see. It’s worth checking out if you are already on an art crawl in the area.

Here are a few more things we liked:

Works By Reynier Leyva Novo
Paintings By Reynier Leyva Novo

Document for print (ARTnews)
Julio Cesar Llópiz, Document for Print (ARTnews)

Alexandre Arrechea Dancing Moscow
Alexandre Arrechea, Dancing Moscow

1,305 Millas / 1,305 Miles, Part 1: Atemporal will be on Exhibit Through April 25th, 2015, at Magnan Metz Gallery, Located at 521 West 26th Street, in the Chelsea Gallery District.