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1,305 Millas / 1,305 Miles, Part 1: Atemporal at Magnan Metz Gallery

Gallery View
All Photos by Gail

I wonder if Magnan Metz Gallery appreciates how much they benefit from people who just happen to walk by and are drawn into the gallery because of what they can see from the sidewalk through its huge picture window that looks out on to 26th Street. I think that the past three times I’ve written about one of their exhibits (this one included) it’s been because something cool caught my eye from the street and I went inside to check it out.

José Angél Vincench Cambio
Cambio by José Angél Vincench

1,305 Millas: Atemporal / 1,305 Miles, Part 1: Atemporal is a group show of work by Hispanic/Latin artists, curated by Solveig Font includes contributions by Alexandre Arrechea, Roberto Diago, Glenda León, Carlos Quintana, Julio Cesar Llópiz, Adrian Fernandez, Adriana Arronte, Jose Angel Vincench, and Reynier Leyva Novo. The pieces range from sculpture to installation, paintings and prints and it is quite diverse.

Adriana Arronte
Adriana Arronte’s Historia (Intervención Sobre Platos Antiguos)/ History (Intervention on Ancient Dishes)

Lotus Dish
Detail from the Above

I couldn’t find any information or press release about this show on the gallery’s website, but there is some interesting stuff to see. It’s worth checking out if you are already on an art crawl in the area.

Here are a few more things we liked:

Works By Reynier Leyva Novo
Paintings By Reynier Leyva Novo

Document for print (ARTnews)
Julio Cesar Llópiz, Document for Print (ARTnews)

Alexandre Arrechea Dancing Moscow
Alexandre Arrechea, Dancing Moscow

1,305 Millas / 1,305 Miles, Part 1: Atemporal will be on Exhibit Through April 25th, 2015, at Magnan Metz Gallery, Located at 521 West 26th Street, in the Chelsea Gallery District.

Magnan Metz Gallery Presents Amelia Biewald’s Big Brass / Light Opera

Cold Night
Mirror: All of This and Nothing IV, Bonfire: Cold Night (All Photos By Gail. Click on Any Image to Enlarge for Detail)

In the Chelsea Gallery District, there is a huge advantage to having a street level, store front space, in that it attracts a lot of passers-by for whom the featured exhibit may not necessarily be on their radar. This past Saturday was not the first time that we have been drawn into the Magnan Metz Gallery based on a casual glance into the window. The tableau pictured above is what we saw as we walked west on 26th Street, the pull of which could not be resisted. Because, Bonfire in the Gallery.

In Big Brass/Light Opera, artist Amelia Biewald transforms the gallery space into an 18th century European parlor room, recreating the period’s lush opulence and sophistication.

Heavy Weather with Le Petit Mort
Heavy Weather, with Le Petit Mort Background, Right

However, the glamorous presentation is askew as the encapsulated scene has the tell-tale signs of a rogue stag run amok, a chaos ensuing as a result of a sparring within the space.

Heavy Weather

Amidst the knocked over furniture, wigs, and fans the now expired stag, Heavy Weather is suspended upside down having been brought to the ground by the weight of his own antlers, its presence within the room signifying a complete arrest of time.

Heavy Weather with Seduced and Abandoned
Heavy Weather with Seduced and Abandoned, Far Right

Heavy Weather Close Up
Heavy Weather, Detail

Heavy Weather Close Up

Inspired by the visual intricacies found in historical masterpieces such as Diego Velázquez’s Las Meninas (1656), Biewald uses similar visual cues that allude to an outside viewer within the narrative forming a discord between perspectives.

Mirror: All of This and Nothing III
All of This and Nothing III

Generating further tension are five vintage picture frames inlaid with mirrors and decorated with the heads of deer (Series Title: All of This and Nothing). Looking into the mirrors, the heads form a curious push and pull through the reciprocity of gazes. The scene is further stratified as the viewer establishes a context within the composition whilst moving about the mirrored space, becoming both the viewer and subject. Within these notions of perception the complete narrative exists in a plane somewhere in-between the multiple perspectives.

Mirror: All of This and Nothing IV
All of This and Nothing IV

Mirror: All of This and Nothing V
All of This and Nothing V

Big Brass / Light Opera is an amazing exhibit that I very highly recommend you try and see before it close in just over a week.

Amelia Biewald’s Big Brass/Light Opera will be on Exhibit through November 22nd at Magnan Metz Gallery, Located at 521 West 26th Street, in the Chelsea Gallery District.

Amelia Biewald Signage

Le Petit Mort
Le Petit Mort

Clive Murphy’s Post Neo Proto Demo

Clive Murphy New Geometry
All Photos By Gail (Click on Any Image to Enlarge)

Clive Murphys’s Post Neo Proto Demo exhibit is one that Geoffrey and I literally stumbled onto while in the same West 26th Street building for an entirely different exhibit. But I was immediately drawn into the Magnan Metz Gallery’s street level space because I cannot resist an exhibit that mixes Contemporary art with Modern Furniture Design. So, yeah.

Clive Murphy Plant

Post Neo Proto Demo, Murphy’s third solo show at the gallery, “comments on how ones living space is a representation of a created personal philosophy” – that is certainly true in my apartment! – exploring the relationship between the radical and the domestic.

TV Antennas

Taking the legacy of Modernism and the avant-garde as its point of departure, Murphy deconstructs and reassembles, delicately blending the familiar with uncanny, the purposeful with the dysfunctional.

Clive Murphy Green Floor Lamp

The exhibition includes altered domestic tableaus comprised of sculpture made with modified domestic materials. The result allows the viewer to participate in Murphy’s inversion of the classic furniture showroom by blending the purposeful with dysfunctional.

Clive Murphy Material World

In addition, new works drawn and spray painted on pages from iconic furnishing catalogs mirror the arranged living space tableaus with a tongue-in-cheek disruption of idealized domesticity.

Clive Murphy Tabletop Sculpture

I wish that some of these items were for sale at IKEA, because I would totally love to see them in my apartment. At any rate, I left with few inspired new design ideas of my own.

Clive Murphy Asian Lamp Sculpture

Clive Murphy’s Post Neo Proto Demo Will be on Exhibit Through April 12th, 2014 at Mangan Metz Gallery, Located at 521 West 26th Street, in the Chelsea Gallery District.

Clive Murphy Post Neo Proto Demo