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Neat Thing Of The Day: The Mighty Boosh Plate

I Wish I Owned This

My friend Ian took this picture of a hand painted plate decorated with the characters from The Mighty Boosh. I am pretty sure it is one of a kind. Ian didn’t mention the name of the store in which he found it, except to say that it’s somewhere down south in Melbourne, Florida. It’s a pretty cool plate. I would own it.

Pink Thing of the Day, Tony Harrison!

Tony Harrison
Noel Fielding As Tony Harrison

Today’s featured Pink Thing is Tony Harrison of The Mighty Boosh – a show which has become one of my favorites since it started airing on Adult Swim this past summer (Noel Fielding: Hotness!). Tony is a bright pink disembodied head with eight tentacles. Hailing from the East End of London, he is a member of the Board of the Shaman and declares “This is an outrage!” whenever anyone points out his lack of mobility. Tony Harrison is awesome.

Tony Harrison Outrage

Likenesses of Tony and His Catch Phrase Can Be Purchased On T-Shirts!