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Man With Shark Head Decorative Plate

Man Shark Decorative Plate
Photo By Gail

Cause Every Girl’s Crazy ’bout a Shark Dressed Man…

Photographed in A & G Merchandise in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY.

Shark Attack Dinner Plate!

Shark Attack Plate
Image Source

Shark Attack At Meal Time!

Shark Attack Sushi Plate!

Shark Attack Sushi Plate
Image Source

I want to own this!

Shark Attack Sushi Plate

Neat Thing Of The Day: The Mighty Boosh Plate

I Wish I Owned This

My friend Ian took this picture of a hand painted plate decorated with the characters from The Mighty Boosh. I am pretty sure it is one of a kind. Ian didn’t mention the name of the store in which he found it, except to say that it’s somewhere down south in Melbourne, Florida. It’s a pretty cool plate. I would own it.