Neat Thing Of The Day: The Mighty Boosh Plate

I Wish I Owned This

My friend Ian took this picture of a hand painted plate decorated with the characters from The Mighty Boosh. I am pretty sure it is one of a kind. Ian didn’t mention the name of the store in which he found it, except to say that it’s somewhere down south in Melbourne, Florida. It’s a pretty cool plate. I would own it.

3 thoughts on “Neat Thing Of The Day: The Mighty Boosh Plate”

  1. I don’t think it’s for sale, but I should check. It’s a paint-your-own ceramic place: you purchase a plain plaster or ceramic object, they give you paints of all colors and brushes for you to decorate with, and when you’re done they put it in the kiln and glaze it. They put the more interesting samples in the window. The place is called “Get Fired Up!” but Rose and I call it “Let’s Get Baked!” … it’s right next door to where we had lunch on Friday.

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