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How to Stay Safe Online When Traveling

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Traveling can be incredibly exciting. It gives you an opportunity to meet interesting people and forget about day-to-day troubles. Unfortunately, it can quickly become stressful and frustrating, particularly if you are not careful while surfing the internet while waiting to board a plane or sitting on a bus. With so many public Wi-Fi networks around you that you can connect to, you can easily end up being targeted by hackers and having sensitive information stolen. Continue reading How to Stay Safe Online When Traveling

Cheap Travel On A Student’s Budget!

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Do you think that travel (especially trips abroad) is an unaffordable luxury for a student? Think again. Even if you have a small budget, you don’t need to give up your desire to travel. In fact, you can explore the world on a rather small budget. In this article, you will learn how to see the world as a student: cheaply or at almost no cost to you.  If you think you will not have enough time for studies during the trip, students can use cheap essay writing services to take care of their course assignments, so they will have more free time. Most of your travel expenses will go towards transportation, housing, food, and tickets to various attractions, parks, galleries, and museums. All these costs can be minimized with the right kind of planning.
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How to Combine Traveling and Education While in College

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When you’re a student, you have the best chances to travel the world while learning. A few decades ago, you had to remain in one institution until graduation. Today, you can learn from any place in the world and graduate with a Bachelors degree or higher. 

If you are the kind of person who loves to travel, being a student should not prevent you from achieving your ambitions. You only need to plan wisely to ensure you don’t miss any lessons, assignments, or exams. These tips will help you combine frequent travel and education.

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How To Travel During a Pandemic

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We all miss traveling and hope that by the summer, with vaccinations, we’ll be able to take at least some shorter trips to select destinations. But even today, some people need to take flights for work or drive to visit relatives they care for. Whether you’re planning your vacation, or just want to feel safer on a business trip, there are a few precautions you can take in these difficult times.

Here’s how to travel during a pandemic.

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Back In the New York Groove, or Something Like That

One Dead Fish

I got home from California just before midnight after waiting in line for a Taxi at Laguardia airport for – I wish I was making this up – an hour and 20 minutes, only to find / smell not one but two dead fish in the tank, due to overfeeding by their caretaker. It’s nice to know I was missed.