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Video: Heart of Hearts Sculpture in Times Square

If you are like me, you do whatever you can to avoid ever having to be in Times Square, but sometimes, it is an unavoidable displeasure. Imagine my surprise then, when I was just trying to get to the subway as quickly as possible after leaving a Food Show at the Marriott Marquis, and I saw this awesome sculpture; a circle of conjoined, golden mirrored hearts, that seems to reflect all that is lovely and wondrous about the most miserable place in the city.

The sculpture, created by Collective–LOK and called Heart of Hearts, will be on display in Times Square, near the TKTS Booth between 46th and 47th Streets, until March 6th, 2016. Read more about the sculpture at This Link!

Heart of Hearts Sculpture in Times Square!

Headline of The Day: "Sixth-Grader Finds Candy Heart That Says ‘Nice Tits’"!

Nice Tits Candy Heart
Yes, It Exists

Obviously I had to post this right now, because I had to share with you my favorite headline of the moment. Read the full shocking story at Gawker Dot Com — yes, it is still online! And don’t forget to read the snarky comments, because those are the best part!

Happy Valloween, Bitches!


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