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Gail’s FaceBook Status Update Makes Regional News Weather Report

It is no secret that citizens of NYC were running around in their underwear today because it was suddenly so “hot” outside. When I got back in the house at around 3:00 PM this afternoon, I posted the following status update on my FaceBook page:

“40 Degrees in NYC: it’s like fucking Florida out there, complete with the swamps!”

Hilariously, Weatherman Matt Ritter of Pennsylvania station WGAL (notice how close that is to “W-G-A-(I)-L”) whom I’ve been friends with for about ten years, managed to work my status update into this evening’s forecast when he makes reference to NYC’s “Heat Wave”! Please check out the “Watch The Latest Storm Team Forecast” video at This Link and start paying attention around the 55 second mark. Awesome! Thanks, Matt, for making my day!