Columbia Records Hosts Party With Very Tasty Food

Train the Band
The Band Train Performed Some Songs While We Ate Tasty Snacks

Back in the day, major labels used to host big deal press parties all the time, where hacks like me could get completely sloshed on free booze and engorge ourselves on sumptuous snacks. Good times. Those days are generally considered to be gone with the dot com boon, but last night Columbia Records hosted a party for the band Train at an art gallery located in a westside neighborhood formerly known for its population of transvestite hookers. I think most people came to hear Train perform songs from its new CD For Me, It’s You, but what everybody in the loft was really buzzing about was how awesome the food was.


The first edible delight I was offered after checking my coat was a BLT sandwich on a tiny roll that was so delicious, you could just die. It didn’t really look like this picture so you will just have to use your imagination.

Here are a few other visual approximations of foods served at the Train party, some of which I ate and some of which I did not eat.

Miniature Corn Dog on a Stick

Lobster Roll

Triple Decker Peanut Butter & Banana Sandwich

Giant CC Cookie
Giant Cookies

Anyway, it was a really fun party and if you like bands that sound like Paul McCartney check out Train’s new CD. One of the songs even has an accordion on it!