RIP Syd Barrett

Syd Barret Color Haunted
“Arnold Layne…had a strange hobby…”

Original Pink Floyd Guitarist and front man, Roger ‘Syd’ Barret, has passed away on July 7th, 2006, at age 60 due to complications from diabetes. In his obituary for the NY Times rock journalist John Pareles writes that Barrett, “was also renowned both as an LSD casualty and as a symbol of how close creativity can be to madness.” Read more of that resonant obit at this link: Syd Barret Dies at 60. Shine On, You Crazy Diamond.

syd barrett photo by gail worley
Photo of Syd Taken at Pink Floyd: Their Mortal Remains in Los Angeles, December of 2021

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  1. My favorite Pink Floyd stuff was the OLD stuff, with Syd. He added something special.

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