Breaking News: Gail Gets Hate Mail from Lead Singer of The Panic Channel!

Steve Isaacs
Steve Issacs: Panic Channel Vocalist. Gail Hater

Oh man, this is so awesome. Just a few hours after I posted This blog entry about the shitty new CD by The Panic Channel, and copied the post to my Myspace blog (rip), I received genuine, authentic HATE MAIL from none other than Panic Channel vocalist (and former MTV Veejay) Steve Issacs. This is so exciting! Look at what Steve wrote personally to me:

“Oh, the joy of one rock critic gloating about another rock critic’s equally ignorable observation. “See, I’m RIGHT!” – Whoopie, Gail! You are right! Validation from the lord AllMusic Guide! Apparently, it’s time for a superiority complex reacharound sleepover. Break out the s’mores and footie pajamas.

For real tho – God bless all you rock critics, and I mean that in the most facetious way possible. Dedicating your professional lives to the idea that your views of music and it’s [sic] power are in any way more relevant or worth noting than anyone else’s. Music’s beauty is that each individual has a completely unique experience with each creation. That’s why the blogosphere is rendering your field useless. I’d much rather take a friend’s advice about music than a “professional rock critic,” and sometimes, I don’t even trust my friends!

That’s why the entire world of rock critique is basically a wank. And the world knows this. Except for other rock critics and cute bitter little aspiring rock critics (usually being incubated in the lab known as Pitchfork Media). But hey, have your fun – the joy of “The Gloat” seems paramount to your profession, so knock yourself out!”

Posted by steveisaacs on Thursday, August 17, 2006 at 6:31 PM

“Superiority complex reacharound sleepover” – I am so stealing that line! Thanks Steve!