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Breaking News: Gail Gets Hate Mail from Lead Singer of The Panic Channel!

Steve Isaacs
Steve Issacs: Panic Channel Vocalist. Gail Hater

Oh man, this is so awesome. Just a few hours after I posted This blog entry about the shitty new CD by The Panic Channel, and copied the post to myMyspace blog (rip), I received genuine, authentic HATE MAIL from none other than Panic Channel vocalist (and former MTV Veejay) Steve Issacs. This is so exciting! Look at what Steve wrote personally to me:

“Oh, the joy of one rock critic gloating about another rock critic’s equally ignorable observation. “See, I’m RIGHT!” – Whoopie, Gail! You are right! Validation from the lord AllMusic Guide! Apparently, it’s time for a superiority complex reacharound sleepover. Break out the s’mores and footie pajamas.

For real tho – God bless all you rock critics, and I mean that in the most facetious way possible. Dedicating your professional lives to the idea that your views of music and it’s [sic] power are in any way more relevant or worth noting than anyone else’s. Music’s beauty is that each individual has a completely unique experience with each creation. That’s why the blogosphere is rendering your field useless. I’d much rather take a friend’s advice about music than a “professional rock critic,” and sometimes, I don’t even trust my friends!

That’s why the entire world of rock critique is basically a wank. And the world knows this. Except for other rock critics and cute bitter little aspiring rock critics (usually being incubated in the lab known as Pitchfork Media). But hey, have your fun – the joy of “The Gloat” seems paramount to your profession, so knock yourself out!”

Posted by steveisaacs on Thursday, August 17, 2006 at 6:31 PM

“Superiority complex reacharound sleepover” – I am so stealing that line! Thanks Steve!

Panic At The Disco…or Something Like That

Panic Channel Band
“We Do Not Sound As Good As We Look”

Last night I went to see this new band called The Panic Channel, which is three members of the most recent incarnation of Jane’s Addiction, minus Perry Farrell, plus a new singer who’s a former VJ from MTV back when MTV still showed videos. Can you even remember that far back? It seems like a million lifetimes ago.

Anyway, there were Stephen Perkins, Dave “Nipple Rings” Navarro, Chris Chaney and Steve Issacs (!) on the stage of Avalon – which used to be The Limelight – and they were all rocking “the look” and obviously trying to be less than a total mortifying horrorshow of lameness, but all I kept thinking was, “Gee wiz, what a fucking waste of Stephen Perkins drumming talents!”

Because The Panic Channel is not a good band.

I can’t quite put my finger on why three awesome musicians and a pretty boy don’t add up to some kind of kick ass force of nature…but it just wasn’t happening. They reminded me of Stone Temple Pilots right about the time Scott Weiland got busted for smack for the third of fourth go-round and the other three members formed the band Talk Show so they could forget about their pain. If The Panic Channel were even a fraction as awesome sounding as their website would lead us to believe, they would sound like Led Zeppelin plus The Beatles plus the original Alice Cooper band or something. But no.

Another thing that made me sad was seeing how the new owners of Avalon have completely destroyed all the dark charm and wild spirit of the former Limelight, a righteous dance club built in an old gothic church on Sixth Avenue, where I spent many Sunday nights dancing my cares away to the songs of Siouxsie and The Banshees, LA Guns and Soundgarden, and feeling like some kind of god. Good times. Now the former “Rock & Roll Church” looks like a bowling alley or a free clinic or god knows what. How very very tragic. At least I got in for free.