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Diet Coke with Bacon: Yes or No?

Mmmm, Bacony…

I found this image on FaceBook and did a little Googling around the Internet see if there was any information about whether or not this a real product. Hmmm…it seems like a joke, but there is a Myspace page claiming it’s a prototype flavor currently being test marketed. I invite my fellow bacon fans to do your own Googling and let me know what you uncover. That is all.

And speaking of Bacon Soda…?

Thanks to Swaminandaji for the image!

Discontinued Ben & Jerry’s Flavor, Or Band I Found On Myspace: Take the Quiz!

Ben & Jerry's or Myspace Band

If you never have enough trivial, useless knowledge cluttering up your skull, Mental Floss has posted a fun quiz you can take where you have to guess if phrases like “Watermelon Eating Contest” or “Tennessee Mud” are names of discontinued Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavors or one of the countless shitty bands on Myspace that just never stop asking to be added to your friends list. Take the Quiz now! (My Score: 70% Correct! I can’t believe how much I rule!)

Here’s a Fun Quiz to Take if You Love to Hate MySpace

How Much Do You Hate Myspace?

My hatred is not really “astronomically high” but maybe more around 51%. I am actually hating on the results of last night’s Top Chef finale a little bit more (Nina was robbed!). Take the I Hate MySpace quiz at This Link!

Breaking News: Gail Gets Hate Mail from Lead Singer of The Panic Channel!

Steve Isaacs
Steve Issacs: Panic Channel Vocalist. Gail Hater

Oh man, this is so awesome. Just a few hours after I posted This blog entry about the shitty new CD by The Panic Channel, and copied the post to myMyspace blog (rip), I received genuine, authentic HATE MAIL from none other than Panic Channel vocalist (and former MTV Veejay) Steve Issacs. This is so exciting! Look at what Steve wrote personally to me:

“Oh, the joy of one rock critic gloating about another rock critic’s equally ignorable observation. “See, I’m RIGHT!” – Whoopie, Gail! You are right! Validation from the lord AllMusic Guide! Apparently, it’s time for a superiority complex reacharound sleepover. Break out the s’mores and footie pajamas.

For real tho – God bless all you rock critics, and I mean that in the most facetious way possible. Dedicating your professional lives to the idea that your views of music and it’s [sic] power are in any way more relevant or worth noting than anyone else’s. Music’s beauty is that each individual has a completely unique experience with each creation. That’s why the blogosphere is rendering your field useless. I’d much rather take a friend’s advice about music than a “professional rock critic,” and sometimes, I don’t even trust my friends!

That’s why the entire world of rock critique is basically a wank. And the world knows this. Except for other rock critics and cute bitter little aspiring rock critics (usually being incubated in the lab known as Pitchfork Media). But hey, have your fun – the joy of “The Gloat” seems paramount to your profession, so knock yourself out!”

Posted by steveisaacs on Thursday, August 17, 2006 at 6:31 PM

“Superiority complex reacharound sleepover” – I am so stealing that line! Thanks Steve!

Punky Meadows Found Lurking on Myspace

Punky Meadows Pout
’70s Rock God Punky Meadows and His World Famous Pout

I just about lost my mind the other day when I accidentally tripped over Punky Meadows’ Myspace Page ! Back in the ’70s, where all of the best music comes from, Punky was the guitarist for the progressive, glam-metal, pomp rock band, Angel. These days he apparently lives comfortably in the past and runs a tanning salon. Myspace is the greatest thing ever!

What Not to Leave as a Comment on My Myspace Page (A Brief Rant)

My space sample comment

I’m a big fan and supporter of Myspace.com. I appreciate getting the love and props from all my friends of varying degrees just as much as anybody on one of these online networking sites. But let’s face cold hard facts: some things are just getting way out of hand around here and I know I’m not the only one who feels this way. Please, some consideration of the following guidelines is appreciated. When leaving comments on My Myspace Page, please do not leave any of the following:

1. “Thanks for the Add!” These four words get more annoying the more I see them. I enjoy seeing “Thanks for the Add” in my comments section about as much I like finding spam posts from “Texas Hold ‘Em” websites in my guestbook. When did people stop using their imaginations?

How much thought, creativity and caring does it take to write “Thanks for the Add!” in somebody’s comments section? Answer: Zero percent thought, creativity and caring goes into a comment of that caliber. When did it become cool to be dead from the neck up? “Thanks for the Add!” is the Myspace.com equivalent of writing “Have a Nice Summer!” in your best friend’s high school year book. You might as well just write, “I am a lazy retarded cow and I don’t care enough about you to say something meaningful /funny/ interesting/thought provoking here but I’m trying to get my name on enough random people’s pages so I can collect 15,000 friends!!” Jesus god, if you don’t know me well enough to write something personal about our relationship and you don’t have enough creative brain power to say something clever — or to make something up even — then I don’t want you on my page. Just go ahead and delete yourself right now. I mean, Friendster may totally suck now but at least people used to leave comments for me (they were called “testimonials” over there, actually) that were fucking hilarious and took more than two seconds to compose.

2. Flyers for your band, your new album/video, your club night, etc. Flyers will be left up for 24 hours as a courtesy and then deleted. Or maybe deleted immediately, depending on my mood.

3. Racist jokes or jpegs.

4. Anything sporting enough HTML and Flash bullshit to disable/crash the server of an entire Fortune 500 company.

Thank you, drive through.