Go See A Psychic Vacuum!

The Sand Room
Behold: The Sand Room

Tracy and I went to see British artist Mike Nelson’s A Psychic Vacuum Installation / Exhibit today and it was AWESOME!  While the installation is pretty indescribable, if I was forced to describe the experience of being inside the “Psychic Vacuum” I’d say it was like a combination of a nightmare, a David Lynch movie and a history lesson in Lower East Side Immigration. If you live in NYC, do go while you can. It’s open weekends only through October 28th.

One thought on “Go See A Psychic Vacuum!”

  1. The sand room was so awesome! It was so David Lynch-ian! I wish they would have had a trippy soundtrack playing in there when you walked through those rooms. It would be a cool place to throw a spooky Halloween party!

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