Hellboy II’s Prince Nuada’s Secret Past as Member of UK Boy Band Revealed!

Prince Nuada
Prince Nuada – That’s Hot!

OK, so it’s obviously not that big of a secret when it took me exactly one second on the Google to find out that actor Luke Goss, who plays the very evil and very extremely sexy villain, Prince Nuada in the new movie Hellboy II (which is fantastic, BTW) was formerly a member of the ‘80s British Boy Band, Bros with his identical twin brother, Matt! This is just too insane!

Luke with His Twin Bro, Matt, and Some other Guy, in Bros!

If you’re as much of a cute-boy-obsessed music nerd as me (and I’m guessing that you’re probably not) then you might recall Bros’ uber-gay, popular- in-the -UK-only hit from 1987, “When Will I Be Famous?” – a song so twee it makes the Backstreet Boys’ hit, “I Want It That Way” sound like “Stairway to Heaven.” Weee! Well, I gotta say that Luke has grown up to be a total babe and a terrific actor. I recommend that you go see Hellboy II right away (lines are way shorter than for The Dark Knight) because it will knock your socks off. And, like I said, Goss’s Prince Nuada is just smokin’ hot!

Luke Goss!

Move Over David Beckham, This is What Luke Looks Like Without Corpse Paint all Over His Face!

7 thoughts on “Hellboy II’s Prince Nuada’s Secret Past as Member of UK Boy Band Revealed!”

  1. If this is a taste of what awaits me if I’m bad, sign me up. I’m going to screw over everybody I know, steal, lie, cheat; whatever it takes to get ME to hell. Thanks for the laugh Gail.

  2. I can’t believe that he’s married to George Michael’s backup singer and is no relation to Kenny Goss. Maybe they are just “bros” on the down low.


  3. Luke Goss has proved himself to be one highly talented actor and I would 100% recommend watching Hellboy II for his performance alone, plus take a look at Blade II (in which he plays Jared Nomak), Charlie and One Night With The King (in which he plays King Xerxes). You will not be disappointed! 😉

  4. Luke Goss is insanely talented. Those writers need to pick up the pace with giving him more roles. I’d love to see more of his work, and stare at him, lol. Hello from the Virgin Islands! 🙂

  5. Whoa, that’s pretty crazy, from mister “I make Jewish peasants into my queen” to “I’m a dead elf and I want to kill all of humanity.” Luke played King Xerxes in One night with the King.
    I must say though, he makes both roles extremely sexy. Kudos to Luke (a babe ferr sherr).

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