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Hellboy 4 Piece Coaster Set

Wouldn’t you love to own this rad set of drink coasters which are based on the art of the Mike Mignola comic series Hellboy?


  • 4 Full color coasters, 1/8″ thick
  • Packaged in a full color circular tin case
  • Amazing detail! Great gift for the Hellboy fan!
  • Sale Price: $9.95

Available to purchase right now at This Link!

Hellboy-Themed Crochet Sackboy Doll With Cigar

Image Source

I should think that any fan of the fantastic Hellboy film franchise or the equally fun comic book series would want to own this doll. Am I right? I said, AM I RIGHT?

Thanks to Neatorama for the tip!

Hellboy II’s Prince Nuada’s Secret Past as Member of UK Boy Band Revealed!

Prince Nuada
Prince Nuada – That’s Hot!

OK, so it’s obviously not that big of a secret when it took me exactly one second on the Google to find out that actor Luke Goss, who plays the very evil and very extremely sexy villain, Prince Nuada in the new movie Hellboy II (which is fantastic, BTW) was formerly a member of the ‘80s British Boy Band, Bros with his identical twin brother, Matt! This is just too insane!

Luke with His Twin Bro, Matt, and Some other Guy, in Bros!

If you’re as much of a cute-boy-obsessed music nerd as me (and I’m guessing that you’re probably not) then you might recall Bros’ uber-gay, popular- in-the -UK-only hit from 1987, “When Will I Be Famous?” – a song so twee it makes the Backstreet Boys’ hit, “I Want It That Way” sound like “Stairway to Heaven.” Weee! Well, I gotta say that Luke has grown up to be a total babe and a terrific actor. I recommend that you go see Hellboy II right away (lines are way shorter than for The Dark Knight) because it will knock your socks off. And, like I said, Goss’s Prince Nuada is just smokin’ hot!

Luke Goss!

Move Over David Beckham, This is What Luke Looks Like Without Corpse Paint all Over His Face!

Hell-O Mr. Potatohead!

Potatohead Hellboy

I’ve been very much looking forward to the upcoming release of director Guillermo Del Toro’s Hellboy II and nothing got me more excited just now than seeing this awesome Mr. Potatohead Hellboy mash up! I want to own it!

Image and info from Mr. Potato Mash via Neat-O-Rama.

Must-See Movie Of The Week: Pan’s Labyrinth

Pan's Labyrinth Movie Poster
The Stuff That Nightmares Are Made Of

When you plan a trip to your local movie theater, do you secretly wish to find an arty, foreign language film that manages to combine elements of Through The Looking Glass with Saw, while also giving you a Reader’s Digest condensed peek at life in rural Spain during Franco’s fascist regime? If so, I’m happy to tell you that all of your cinematic fantasies have come true with a film I just saw yesterday call Pan’s Labyrinth. This movie may be about the dark, reality-blurring adventures of a lonely, freaked-out ten year old girl named Ofelia but, trust me, it’s not for children. Unless you’re one of those deranged parents who think it’s appropriate to take your eight year old to see Hostel, in which case, pack up the whole brood!

Pans Labyrinth Monster
When you see this Dude, Get Ready for Some Fucked Up Shit to Go Down

My favorite part of Pan’s Labyrinth was when Ofelia drew a door on her bedroom wall with some chalk and pushed her way through to the banquet room of The Pale Man, who she has to sneak by in order to steal, I don’t know, some kind of thing that’s behind a locked compartment. Honestly, I wasn’t paying that close of attention. I was too absorbed in trying to figure out what the fuck was up with this naked, fleshy creature seated before a huge, sumptuous feast with his eyeballs on a plate in front of him. Hardcore!

Pan’s Labyrinth is directed by Guillermo Del Toro, the same guy who did cool films like HellBoy and Chronos, so if you liked those films go see it and then write me an email and let me know how much you think it rocked.