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Bye Bye, Gravedigger James!

“James, Voted Out At The Lasat Tribal Council and the 4th Member of Our Jury”

Well, wonders really do never cease. I’m not sure how to feel about the Tribal Council results of last night’s Survivor. Am I sad that favored-to-win James was voted out because he was too effing stupid to play one of the two personal Immunity Idols in his possession? Or am I happy that someone who was too stupid to play an Immunity Idol was voted out? Read Televison Without Pity’s recap after the jump.

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Too Much Of A Good Thing: It is Too Hot In My Apartment!

“Is It Hot In Here or Is It Just Me?”

I don’t know how hot it is in Hell, but I’m pretty sure it’s a few degrees cooler there than it is in the Chickpad right now. Even the floors are hot. Jeez.