Banksy’s Village Pet Store: A Walk on the Wild Side!

If there’s one thing I like, it’s something that appears to be completely normal and mundane on the surface but which, upon closer inspection, proves to be completely subversive and fucked up. Such is the case with the Village Pet Store and Charcoal Grill, a mind-bending installation from maverick street artist Banksy. Demonstrating his twisted but thought provoking sense of humor, Banksy has designed a pet shop that includes fish sticks swimming in a fish bowl, a chimpanzee watching chimp porn in a cage strewn with empty cigarette packs and crumpled beer cans, a Leopard print fur coat lounging playfully on a tree branch, hot dog hamsters and Chicken McNugget “Baby Chicks” dunking themselves in barbeque sauce. With the use of animatronics, Banksy is able to take his tweety bird to a whole new level.

Baby Chicken Nuggets

A Haggard and Balding Tweety Bird

Rabbit Doing Her Make-Up and Nails

Located at 89 Seventh Avenue South (Bleecker and West Fourth) and open from 10 AM – Midnight daily through October 31, 2008, this immersive exhibit is free to the public and absolutely not to be missed.

banksys village pet store and charcoal grill

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Hot Dog Hamsters

Swimming Fish Stick Fish Bowl