How To Make a Rainbow Cake!


My Birthday is coming up two weeks from this Sunday and one of the things I always like to receive for my Birthday is a cake. Because Birthday cakes are awesome. As good fortune would have it, the Omnomicon food blog has posted the raddest possible recipe for a Rainbow Cake that I simply must receive! So please, friends of Gail, somebody please make my dearest Birthday wish come true, and bake this cake for me!

Thanks to Neatorama for the tip!

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  1. Hi Gail —
    Thanks for getting in touch! I love your blog, too. Will blogroll you ASAP. Rainbow cakes and gummi bear chandeliers need the widest audience possible!


  2. Where is the recipe????????

    Click on the hyper link attached to the words “Rainbow Cake,” dear. – Gail x

  3. Wow I never saw a cake like that!!! You must have it!! Its the best thing I saw and, wow, I want to make it, and really that would be the best cake in the world on your birthday!!


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