Quandary of The Day: Should I Feel Obligated to “Friend” Someone I Dislike On FaceBook

I Am Not Your Friend

Ponder this with me; why would somebody who’s owed me money for years without ever making any attempt to reconcile that debt, who only contacts me when he needs a band’s publicist’s contact info, and who in general has acted like an unrepentant douche bag to me want to be my friend on FaceBook? I mean, WTF is up with that? Do I have amnesia? Am I Jesus? Am I desperate for validation? Similarly, have I reached out and asked to be “Friends” with the pinhead jock who bullied me all through high school just because he’s on FaceBook now? I don’t think so. I don’t even accept Friend Requests from ex-boyfriends without some kind of wildly conciliatory hatchet-burying going on up front. So why would I want to be “Friends” with an opportunistic scum loser who owes me money? I would really like to know. Answers can be left in the comments section, thanks.

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  1. I’m actually continually amused by who “friends” me on Facebook and have recently seen the majority of my HS Class of 1900 doing so even though I never heard from 98% of them after graduation. Former work colleagues from firms let go from ages ago are also amusing to see because one looks at this with a sense “why the hell are they adding me”. I created a FB Group for the website work and its the only real reason I maintain my account. Those who need to network with me for “the business” do so via Linked In or direct contact, as little as I care for long lost connections of the past, I guess there is a reason people lost touch in the first place. For the most part at least and while I cringe when I see some names come up as add requests, I am fairly certain that my own name sends waves of distress down some peoples spines too 🙂

    In short, deny who you dont want to add. I do it all the time with little concern for it.

  2. Not like I’m trying to defend this douchebag (because I’ve been where you are myself), but a lot of times people just upload their entire email address book, click on a couple of buttons, and wait to see what happens. It’s not like they actually made any effort to seek you out, or considered the implications of “friending” you in light of their past behavior.

    Anyway… no reason to get worked up. Click the “Ignore” button for their request — they don’t even get notified that you did so. Smart move for Facebook.

    Or you could use this opportunity to lay into this twerp.


  3. I say give ’em a beat-down, publicly, after they’ve been “Ignored.” Just as you’ve done.

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