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Edie Nadelhaft, Generation X

Better Living Through Chemistry
Photos By Gail

Do you like art and, also, drugs? I sure do. Generation X by NY-based artist Edie Nadelhaft is comprised of 9 individual, over-sized glass capsule sculptures — each filled with colorful plastic balls and emblazoned with familiar Social Media acronyms and emoticons — which are part of the artist’s Better Living Thru Chemistry series. You can see more of Nadelhaft’s work from that series at This Link!

Photographed at Lyons Wier Gallery, 542 West 24th Street, New York, NY 10011.

Best Friends For Life
Detail from Above Grouping

Bacon Thing of The Day: Bacon Skull Planter

Bacon Skull Planter

How Insane is this thing? I stole this image from a fan of Worleyigig.com’s FaceBook Fan Page. I have no idea where it came from, but it exists, and so it much be a immortalized as a Bacon Thing of The Day!

I’ve Had A Bad Day

WTF Pill Box

This has been the shittiest week of my life in recent memory and it needs to end before somebody gets hurt.

Quandary of The Day: Should I Feel Obligated to “Friend” Someone I Dislike On FaceBook

I Am Not Your Friend

Ponder this with me; why would somebody who’s owed me money for years without ever making any attempt to reconcile that debt, who only contacts me when he needs a band’s publicist’s contact info, and who in general has acted like an unrepentant douche bag to me want to be my friend on FaceBook? I mean, WTF is up with that? Do I have amnesia? Am I Jesus? Am I desperate for validation? Similarly, have I reached out and asked to be “Friends” with the pinhead jock who bullied me all through high school just because he’s on FaceBook now? I don’t think so. I don’t even accept Friend Requests from ex-boyfriends without some kind of wildly conciliatory hatchet-burying going on up front. So why would I want to be “Friends” with an opportunistic scum loser who owes me money? I would really like to know. Answers can be left in the comments section, thanks.

WTF Is That?

WTF Is That?

Thanks to Randy for the Delightful Image!