The Milk in the Refrigerator Has Gone Lumpy and Other Things that Make Me Sad


Always Remember to Do a Preliminary Test Sniff Before Pouring in Coffee or on Cereal 

Earlier this morning, I visited the shared refrigerator in our office pantry with the intention of pouring low-fat milk onto my bowl of Peanut Butter Puffins cereal (from Trader Joe’s), so that I could enjoy a tasty and satisfying breakfast at my desk. Sadly, this was not to be, for the milk (poured from a carton which was nearly full) had gone sour and thus rendered my very delicious cereal completely inedible.  And though I was able to purchase a reasonably acceptable “replacement breakfast” from our cafeteria (a pecan Danish, three link sausages and several scoops of egg frittata product) it was just not the same as the sweet and crunchy Puffins cereal which I love so well. Sadness.

Another thing that’s making me sad is the knowledge that today is our last day at the office to enjoy wanton access to FaceBook, Twitter and other Social Networking sites before a full-on block of all their URLs goes into effect on July 1. This is a ridiculously huge deal, as everybody here is pretty much addicted to keeping FaceBook open on your desktop all day long while still managing to do all your work. I hope I can live without the ability to send virtual cocktails, exotic fish and plants with human faces to all my friends between the hours of 7:30 AM and 6:00 PM. Sometimes, life just isn’t fair.

3 thoughts on “The Milk in the Refrigerator Has Gone Lumpy and Other Things that Make Me Sad”

  1. I once made a hugely ridiculous glass of Chocolate Milk, not noticing that the milk had soured. I took a huuuuuuge gulp and almost choked on my chocolatey cocktail of death. It was the worrrrst.

    Also – NO FACEBOOK? That’s awful. You should get Facebook Mobile. They won’t be able to stop you then! Mwuhaha…

  2. How about on your celly? It’s not the same but at least you won’t miss any status updates…

    – Good idea, but my cell phone is too ghetto to have internet access.

  3. Why are you saving the spoiled milk?
    – Oh dear, I threw out the spoiled milk immediately; I just pulled that graphic off the web to make a point that the milk was spoiled. Evidently, from the photo, however, it looks like someone else does in fact save spoiled milk for some type of purpose. Perhaps yogurt making! 🙂

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