HR Giger Alien Wedding Cake!

“I Now Pronounce You Alien and Host”

A half a dozen years after Swiss surrealist HR Giger designed the cover art for Emerson Lake & Palmer’s 1973 prog rock opus, Brain Salad Surgery, he increased his profile greatly with a little gig designing the title creatures for a sci-fi flick called Alien. Now, the chest-burster Aliens from that film’s pivotal early scene meet delicious pastry in the form of the HR Giger-inspired Wedding Cake. The picture above really says it all: a brilliant creation, and it’s probably delicious as well!

Cake by Jet City Cakes

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  1. The aliens here are in the chestburster (cakeburster?) phase of their life cycle. They can be easily killed with a flamethrower; however, I don’t think the host (cake) would fare well in the attack.

    This inspired creation is a wedding cake; I’d love to meet the newlyweds!

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