Must See Art: Creepshow by Dolla at NYC’s Bold Hype Gallery

“Too Many Creeps…”

I will admit that Creepshow, featuring work by Orlando-based street artist Dolla, is the first gallery show opening I’ve attended where they handed out 3-D glasses at the door. Dolla, who recently completed the conversation-inspiring campaign, “Dolla Lama” is – like Banksy, Shepard Fairey, Kenny Scharf and many others – among the up-and-coming contemporary artists making the welcome transition from the street to the gallery. I couldn’t be more excited to tell you about his creations. The Creepshow exhibit is based on a central character created by Dolla, The Creep. Creep looks like a mechanical crab with a cartoonish, mobster-like face. Dolla explains the Creepshow in his own words, below:

“Two Heads Are Better Than One”

“Since I first started putting my art up on the street, one of my main goals was to create a character that was synonymous with the name DOLLA: a character that was instantly recognizable and undoubtedly mine. In ’04 inspiration was found when I sketched my first “CREEP.” I hit the streets with creep stickers and posters, and since late ’07 creeps have been the main focus of my graffiti art. CREEPSHOW is a celebration of the past and present states of the CREEP – from stickers to spray paint.

“3-Dimensional” is the theme I originally chose for this new body of work. My initial inspiration was anachronistic 3-D and optical illusions. Although these elements are still represented in my new paintings, my focus shifted a little more towards the literal sense. So, in addition to paintings, I decided to create a small army of 3-Dimensional CREEPS, 100 CREEPS to be exact. Half of the gang was created using recycled spray cans (CREEP CANS) and the others are all hand fabricated wooden sculptures. The sculptures come in 6 styles and 3 different sizes. Like most of the art in this show the sculptures are all finished using spray paint and vinyl spray masks.

Creep Cans

The CREEPSHOW would not be complete without a Mural. I wanted to create a piece that represents what I would do in the street. For my graffiti pieces, I use a combination of can control and a few hand cut stencils to create patterns and sharp details. Even though graffiti isn’t really meant to be viewed up close, I have approached it like [I did] from the beginning. I am obsessed with creating clean sharp lines.” I really enjoyed the Creepshow and was glad to be able to meet Dolla in person at the opening. He is a very down to earth, cool guy.

Creepshow Runs Through January 8, 2011 at Bold Hype Gallery, Located at 547 W. 27th St. 5th Floor, New York, NY 10001. Gallery Hours are Tuesday – Saturday from Noon – 6 PM

“Pink Creep (Medium)”

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