10 Things to Do in Las Vegas (Other Than Gamble)

Get Married!

Have Sex with a Hooker!

Dine at an all-you-can-eat Buffet!

See a Showgirl review!

Have your picture taken with an Elvis impersonator!

Pawn Something!

Pay $5.00 for a cup of coffee!

See Wayne Newton!

Get Sunburned!


0 thoughts on “10 Things to Do in Las Vegas (Other Than Gamble)

  1. Are these in order?

    Get married, then have sex with a hooker. Typical.

    Pawn something in order to afford a $5 cup of coffee. That sounds right. Probably no free refills, either.

    See Wayne Newton and vomit. OK. Must be an outdoor show, hence the sunburn.

  2. Actually, prostitution is not legal in Clark County where Las Vegas is a city. But ya drive out of town about 50 mi or so to Pahrump and you’re good to go!

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