Pink Thing of The Day: Alexander Lervik Light Bar at Stockholm Furniture Fair 2011

The coolest thing about the far-reaching field of modern design is that you just never know what amazing idea an inspired designer might come up with. Take, for example, Swedish designer Alexander Lervik’s conceptual development of the light bar – a light installation called Dimensions – on display at this year’s Stockholm Furniture Fair. The light bar sculpture is made up of 1728 heads, arranged in 12 rows x 12 rows of posts, each post containing 12 heads alternating male and female, which are arranged to form a cube-like structure. Dimensions was originally created for insurance company Skandia, with the heads meant to symbolize the employees of the company.

Each of the heads is controlled with LED lights that form a three-dimensional screen. The heads constantly change color, from orange to blue to red to pinks and greens, creating a playful and vibrant space that is “good for meetings, reflection and mingling,” according to Lervik. The lighting technology for the installation has been developed in partnership with Stockholm Lighting Company. Many more pictures are available at This Link.

Dimensions Detail View

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