Jeremy Dower Intrigues With Canis Mortuus Familiaris

Now here’s an art show that’s really gone to the dogs, but in the best way possible! Canis Mortuus Familiaris, at Bold Hype Gallery through May 7th, 2011 consists of artist Jeremy Dower’s digital prints and sketches of fantasy canines in various states of otherworldly beingness. From ghost dogs to balloon dogs, to imagined mutant dogs and miniature metal sculptures of little doggy skeletons: Dower’s work enchants and  fascinates. This is my favorite show of the year so far!

Jeremy’s dogs are unique creations that captivated me and captured my imagination as soon as I walked into the gallery and saw this little guy:

“Lumpy Poodle”

Seriously, how cute is he? So Cute! Some of the paintings are a bit more “out there,” but we here at The Worley Gig dig “out there” big time. Check these out:

“Melting Cluster with Pink Blobs” (My Favorite)

I love this one as well! Little floating doggy ghosts!

Also on display are a selection of the artist’s smaller scale works which are priced for mid-income collectors at $180 framed. What a bargain!

“Pooch Mutation Study 5”

“Pooch Mutation Study 6”

Jeremy has also painted an expansive doggy  mural right on the wall in the gallery’s rear room, which he apparently  finished just hours before the opening reception on Thursday evening! Amazing stuff!  Adding an aural dimension of whimsical creepiness, Dower (who is also a musician) has composed an original score for the show, which consists of ambient sounds with almost cartoonish sound effects and pleasing, Asian-influenced motifs. Super cool! You really should make a point to see Canis Mortuus Familiaris as soon as possible!

Bold Hype Gallery is located at 547 W 27th Street (Between 10th and 11th Aves), New York, NY 10001

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  1. That there’s a doggone cool exhibit. Did you paws to look at every piece of art when you embarked upon this gallery excursion?

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