Must See Art: David Altmejd at the Andrea Rosen Gallery

There are times when it’s very easy for me to speak about and describe the art I’ve seen, and other times when I feel it’s best to just let the art do the talking. The latter is how I feel after seeing David Altmejd’s latest exhibit, currently at the Andrea Rosen Gallery in Chelsea. Not only is the scale of the artworks so overwhelming as to be almost inexplicable, but these sculptures have so much going on within, and without, them that I really do feel experiencing this exhibit in person is the only way to really “get it.”

In addition to multiple plaster sculptures that are either freestanding or embedded into the gallery walls themselves, the exhibit exists of two large Plexiglas sculptures, which are of an unprecedented scale for this artist. You can get a very basic idea of what the sculptures look like from the photo above, but they are so huge and complex, and it takes so long to walk around, examine and “take in” everything inside the case that I don’t even think I could do them justice in words. It was just amazing to view up close, and certainly the kind of artwork that each individual will find personal meaning in. The huge bummer is that the exhibit is only on view through today, Saturday April 23rd. If you live outside of New York City and can’t possibly get to the gallery, you can view a slideshow of the exhibit at This Link. This exhibit was my first exposure to Altmejd’s art, and I must say he is an extraordinarily talented and “heavy” artist whose work I will definitely be following in the future.

David Altmejd “The Architect 2” and “Spectre” 2011 Installation view Courtesy Andrea Rosen Gallery New York / photo Jessica Eckert

David Altmejd’s exciting sculptures are on exhibit through April 23, 2011 at Andrea Rosen Gallery, located at 525 W. 24th St. in New York, NY. Gallery hours are Tuesday – Saturday 10 AM to 6 PM.

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