Happy 9th Birthday, WorleyGig Dot Com!

9th Birthday Cake Pink
“We Are 9”

Amid a flurry of recent activity that included parties, restaurant reviews, film screenings, concerts, art openings, cruise-planning and Bar Mitzvah Palooza, we totally forgot to celebrate Worley Gig Dot Com’s Ninth Birthday, which happened on June 10th, 2012! As always, we are thanking our loyal readership, which keeps this blog alive with a hot buzz across the interwebs and crazy global traffic for a site that is basically just a little indie blog about Rad Things we love! Worleygig’s 9th year saw our first prize give-aways and you can expect more contests in the coming year – because we love our readers! Please remember that you can keep up to date with the blog by following us on Twitter and “Like”-ing our Face Book Fan Page. You can also follow Worleygig.com on Networked Blogs, where we are among the Top Ten Pop Culture blogs on the entire Internet! Thanks so much for your continued support and for telling your friends about The Gig! We wouldn’t be what we are without you!

7 thoughts on “Happy 9th Birthday, WorleyGig Dot Com!

  1. Congratulations Gail! This is a HUGE accomplishment! I know first hand the love and dedication you put into The Worley Gig and it shows! Here’s to another 9 years of tons of blog traffic, lots of free perks, people leaving comments on the site and ad revenue!



  2. Happy 9th birthday! Before you know it, your blog will enter its sullen teen years, but there is still time to be as delightful as its always been. Especially when it involves rock, rock stars, artists and pink things.


  3. OMG happy bidet Worleygig! I remember when both our blogs were little babies and now they have matured into beautiful, sexy things.

    Here’s to the eternal life of blogs!

    xo Frank


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