Ian Davenport Colorfall at Paul Kasmin Gallery

Ian Davenport Colorfall
All Photos By Gail

Paul Kasmin Gallery is famous for having very “colorful” exhibits and the current show occupying its Tenth Avenue space is no exception! In Ian Davenport’s new body of work,  Colorfall, the artist questions how different chromatic weights can occupy a background, as well as the vertical rhythm achieved by compressing and interweaving colors of various widths.

Ian Davenport Colorfall

By utilizing a large syringe to drip acrylic paint onto aluminum and stainless steel panels, Davenport creates his celebrated studies of color with precision and elegance. The lyrical quality of the paintings is established by his careful balance of engineering and natural movement.

Ian Davenport Colorfall

The artist allows gravity to pull the acrylic paint down the panel, whereupon he gently manipulates the bands of colors, but ultimately allows the liquid-nature of the paints to guide the creation.

Ian Davenport Colorfall

His control of the paintings becomes evident in the carefully composed series of colors that populate his paintings, which act as experiments in color relationships guided by Davenport’s intuition and mastery of the subject.

Ian Davenport Colorfall

Ian Davenport’s Colorfall will be on Exhibit Through October 26th, 2013 at Paul Kasmin Gallery, Located at  293 Tenth Ave. New York, NY 10001. Hours are Monday – Saturday, 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM.

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