Not My Cup of Tea Musical China Cabinet

Not My Cup of Tea
All Photos By Gail

Not My Cup of Tea follows Splendour Lender, a cabinet which addresses the Dutch tradition of displaying one’s porcelain in a “Pronkkast” as a symbol of status and happiness.

A coin, inserted into either cabinet, rolls down the porcelain, producing an enjoyable melody. In contrast to Splendour Lender, which holds a collection of porcelain, this cabinet contains identical cups and plates. While the cabinet alone encapsulates abundance, the meaning behind the phrase “Not My Cup of Tea” suggests discrimination. After each usage, the coin is returned, which would usually happen when a product is defective. The repetitious cups and their tunes show the universal cycle of consumption, the financial greed of modern times, regardless of difference in taste.

Created by Designer Jelle Mastenbroek, Eindhoven, Netherlands. Available at Chamber, Located at 515 W. 23rd Street, in the Chelsea Gallery District. Hours are Tuesday – Saturday 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM. 

Not My Cup of Tea

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