Happy 12th Birthday, Worleygig.com!

Dave Mustaine Birthday Meme
Vintage Dave Mustaine Meme Courtesy of Meme Maker Dot Com

Can you believe it’s been a dozen years since I started this rad blog as a way to get (wait for it) more writing jobs? Neither can I! Holy crap, what a crazy twelve years it has been! Today, the Greatest Pop Culture Blog in the Known Universe Thanks You for the Sweet Ride!

Look! We got some FaceBook Blog Love! Thank you Dear Readers!

Birthday Blog Love

7 thoughts on “Happy 12th Birthday, Worleygig.com!”

  1. Congratulations Gail and THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the wonderful support you’ve given all the galleries and artists over the past year! Most especially thank you so much for the great reviews of our shows, they have meant alot to me and to the artists as well! It is truly an honor to be featured on your website, one of my favorite blogs on the internet! And here’s to 12 more years !

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