Eye On Design: Pink Floyd Lightbulb Suit By Storm Thorgerson

pink floyd lightbulb suits photo by gail worley
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One of many highlights from my fun-filled holiday trip to California was a visit to Pink Floyd: Their Mortal Remains; an immersive exhibit covering the complete history of the legendary progressive rock band that even a casual Pink Floyd fan will flip out over. Given my extreme fondness for costume design, you can only imagine my delight in finding that one of the galleries included replicas of the enigmatic Lightbulb Suits seen on the cover and related artwork for the band’s 1988 live album, Delicate Sound of Thunder. Talk about an “Oh, Wow” moment.

delicate sound of thunder album cover photo by gail worley
Delicate Sound of Thunder Cover Art

Conceived and designed by Storm Thorgerson for Hipgnosis, the artwork for Delicate Sound of Thunder features two men facing each other in  a barren landscape, one surrounded by a flock of bird and the other wearing a suit covered in lightbulbs.

lightbulb suit photo by gail worley

Thorgerson explained his characteristically surreal concept as an attempt to sum up Pink Floyd Live, saying “a Pink Floyd concert is where Mr. Light and Mr. Sound come together.”

lightbulb suits photos photo by gail worley
Artwork Designed by Storm Thorgerson with Colin Chambers, and Photographed in 1987 By Andy Earl

lightbulb suit photo by gail worley

Pink Floyd: Their Mortal Remains is a Traveling Exhibition Currently at the Vogue Multicultural Museum in Hollywood Only Through January 9th, 2022! Stay Tuned For Updates on When It Might Come to NYC!

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