Buff Monster: I Love NY Mural

Buff Monster I Love NY
Photos By Gail

I see this mural every time I take the M15 Select Bus home from work and it stops at the First Street and First Avenue stop, because it is right there, basically.

A couple of days ago, I got off the bus at that stop and took this photo, because Buff Monster is awesome.

Buff Monster I Heart NYC

2 thoughts on “Buff Monster: I Love NY Mural”

  1. Hey, I really liked this image, and I’m starting to make clothing based on graffiti from anywhere, whether it be the big apple or a wall from a school. I was wondering if I can make hoodies using this image.

    1. Hey Aron — Thanks for your comment. While I do own this photo, I don’t own this art. You’ll have to contact the artist (Buff Monster) if you want permission to reproduce this work. — G

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