Holton Rower’s Pour Paintings & Focus Paintings at The Hole

Holton Rower Pour Painting 1
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The Hole Gallery on Bowery is the place to go right now to see two great exhibits under one roof. In tandem with the abstract group exhibit, Xtraction, the gallery is hosting two diverse bodies of work by painter Holton Rower that are equally impressive. Rower’s Pour Paintings, which resemble huge, abstract psychedelic targets as well as the concentric rings that appear in a bisected tree trunk, take their name from the artist’s process of pouring hand-made acrylic paints over a wood “canvas.”

Holton Rower Pour Painting Close Up

In this photo above you can see the edge detail of where the paint drips over and extends beyond the boundaries of the canvas.

Holton Rower Pour Paintings 2

The process of creating pour paintings is probably most identified with Lynda Benglis, but while the process is similar, Rower’s paintings are truly unique and have a wildly organic feel.

Holton Rower Pour Paintings 3
Holton Rower Pour Paintings 3 Close Up

Detail from Painting in Photo Above

Holton Rower’s Pour Paintings are unbelievably gorgeous and these photos can’t accurately capture their color and vibrant energy.

Holton Rower Focus Paintings Wall

In the same gallery, Rower introduces a new body of work he calls Focus Paintings that, hilariously, are created to deliberately appear out of focus. What makes these muted yet colorful paintings even more fun to ponder is the fact that the artist refuses to divulge the process through which he creates them.

Holton Rower Focus Painting

This one reminds me of an abstract representation of a photo of a galaxy. Really beautiful.

Pour Paintings: Focus Paintings By Holton Rower will be on Exhibit through June 20th, 2013 at The Hole, Located at 312 Bowery (at 2nd Street), NYC. Visit The Hole NYC for Gallery Hours and More Information.

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