Pomchies Announces New Two-Layer Pom Masks and PPE Accessories!

pomchies assorted face masks photo by gail worley
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Pomchies, the Arizona based company that launched the now popular Pom Mask line in response to the need for comfortable, breathable face masks at the onset of Covid19 has just expanded the line to include double-layered, reversible masks with a filter pocket, along with fresh spring colors and patterns, children’s mask two-packs and new Pom Mask holders.

two layer pom mask with pocket photo by gail worley
Double Layer Mask with Filter Inserted

The new double layered Pom Masks are reversible and designed with a pocket for filter insertion. Color combinations currently include choices such as Navy and Black (pictured above), Black and Bottle Green, Grey and Black, Camo and Black, Snake Skin and Grey, Leopard and Black, and Dragon Fruit (bright Pink) and Aqua — so you can stay fashionable while keeping safe at all times! Pomchies keeps sustainability in mind with two of the masks being made from Repreve fabric, which is produced from recycled water bottles.

pom mask mask keeper photo by gail worley

To help keep your masks clean and at the ready, Pomchies has also launched the Pom Mask Keeper braided neck lanyard, which clips onto any Pom Mask (or other mask in your collection). Current mask holder color choices include Lavender Fields, Leopard, Goldie, Black, and Navy. The lanyards are washable and they retail for just $9.95 each.

pom mask for kids photo by gail worley

Encouraging children to have fun with their masks, new kids’ Pom Mask sets include colorful pairings like Very Berry (with Pink and Lavender), Navy and Red, Camo and Olive, Fairies, and Paw Prints (pictured above).

ona mask model photo by gail worley

Since I don’t have children, I gave the kids’ masks to a neighbor, whose daughter is seen here modeling the mask. She loved them! “We’ve been double-masking,” her mom told me, “and it’s hard to find kid’s masks that are comfortable for that.” Great to know!

pom masks duo set photo by gail worley
New Patterns and Colors for Spring!

New spring colors, patterns and hues have also been added to the adult Pom Mask line for the upcoming holidays and spring season with pairings such as Painted Hearts, Citrus Fruit, Daylight Butterfly, Jolly Fruit and more. Each pack includes one patterned mask and one solid fabric. Prints and patterns that will soon be joining the current line include Argyle in Green as well as Pink and Blue, Wine, Cocktails, Unicorn with Flowers and Brown Cow. For the spring season and Easter holiday, Chicks, Bunny Rabbits and Easter Eggs patterns will be arriving shortly. The single layer masks are ideal for layering over a disposable medical mask, to achieve the double-masking recommended for extra security.

pom mask and keeper photo by gail worley

Most Pom Mask two-packs come with one patterned mask and one solid fabric mask in a coordinating color; others have two solid colors or two of the same solid color. Each handmade mask is produced with comfortable, machine washable and breathable swimwear fabric making it both functional and fashionable. Two-packs are priced at just $10.95 per pack and can ordered directly online at www.pomchies.com.

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