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Break Into a High-Demand Health Career

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Between the Covid pandemic and an international supply chain crisis, millions of working people are still facing layoffs and long-term unemployment. But that unfortunate situation is not the case for most health care employees. Medical and health personnel at all levels are currently enjoying one of the biggest surges in demand for what they do.

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Product Review: Hand over Heart Natural Cleaning Essentials

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These days, the notion of Spring Cleaning applies more to tasks like purging your closets or scrubbing the floors: the really time-sucking, dirty jobs that you put off doing as long as possible.  I think I can speak for the majority though when I say that — in the past two years especially — day-to-day cleaning is what is on everyone’s mind. Most importantly, from wiping-down counter tops to being extra vigilant about washing your hands, we look for products that clean effectively, are gentle on the skin, and are made from natural ingredients wherever possible. There could not be a better time than now to introduce you to the Hand over Heart line of household cleaning essentials. Hand over Heart is a family business founded on the belief that no one should have to choose between cleaner living and effective cleaning.
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Can Kratom Capsules Help Sooth Your Sore Throat?

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Herbal, organic medications are emerging segments of the wellness market. Rising health concerns have motivated people to drift towards more natural and less complicated lifestyles, including the choices they make for both major or minor health issues.

In recent times, cannabis and hemp derivatives have received considerable appreciation for providing medicinal and remedial benefits. Kratom, also herb-derived, is not far behind; becoming an effective solution for many individuals. Although its full potential is still unknown, there are talks that Kratom might be a remedy for a variety of ailments.

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7 Ways To Naturally Boost Your Immune System

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The most ideal approach to manage any ailment — even COVID-19 — is through prevention. It’s important that we do whatever we can to keep from getting sick, and that includes washing our hands completely, routinely and adequately, since numerous infections are spread by our own hands. Beyond that, a strong immune system is your best defense. Here are 7 easy ways to stay healthy by boosting your immune system.

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PPE Vending Machine

ppe vending machine photo by gail worley
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A year or two before the pandemic was even a thing, I noticed a vending machine similar-looking  to this one installed in Union Square subway station.  Likely sponsored by CVS or Duane Reade, it was stocked with common hygiene and healthcare items — such as a toothbrush/ toothpaste, Advil, and Tampax — that you might need in an emergency on your way to wherever. Not a bad idea, really. Who hasn’t forgotten to put something important in their purse or bag and wished there was a drugstore in the subway. I’m sure I have.

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